Adding ambience to your living space… the natural way.

Reeds, Grass & Inspiration

Adding ambience to your living space… The natural way! Established in 1995, African Reed experience has grown to the extent that we can proudly call ourselves leaders in the field.

Our excellent quality product is sourced in Oudtshoorn, which is also the home to our highly trained craftsmen.

The staff and craftsmen of African Reed have been involved in several prestigious projects including the Ratanga Junction in Cape Town and the six-star Arabella Hotel & Resort near Hermanus; and have completed many other large and small domestic projects over the years.

Often called ’spaansreed’, reed can be used for ceilings, decorative panelling and many other applications. This versatile product offers an earthly ambience and effective isolation to both historic and contemporary homes and buildings.

We also specialise in different types of trimming materials for ceilings with a uniquely African texture, and produce bluegum (’bloekomlatte’) fencing and pergolas.

With agents nationwide, we are confident that we can achieve the highest standard of quality and service, as well as after-sales service, anywhere in South Africa.

Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Louis Serfontein on 082 896 9712, alternatively email us.

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